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About Visit Keswick

VKI was launched by Eva Browne-Paterson, an author residing on Keswick Island with her husband Brian. They made the sea-change move from the NSW central coast to Keswick in November 2006.

Eva’s passionate love of Keswick has helped her market the island to the public. She spent many years promoting the Keswick Island Guesthouse, who came runner up and 1st in the Mackay Tourism Unique Destination awards. She also promoted and attracted new guests to local holiday homes. Eva is the Secretary of the Keswick Island Progress Association Inc. (KIPA).

This website was developed to provide information about this stunning holiday destination to help attract more visitors to Keswick. We love living here and want to share what’s so unique about it with you.

In 2018, Eva wrote a 4-book children’s series called Island Critters, and illustrated it with the help of local artist and mentor Lesley Kane & Mackay Council’s RADF grant programme.

She is currently working on a new program that promotes local business.