Crystal Clear Waters Photo on Slim Panel


Crystal Clear Waters photo on slim aluminium composite panel with aluminium back frame included for hanging. Available in sizes 30x20cm with hangar plate & 60x40cm, 75x50cm, 90x60cm & 120x80cm with aluminium back frame.
Crystal Clear Waters exclusive framed photo by Leah McLean Photography.

Metal Prints – Elegance in Strength
Robust yet refined, metal prints are genuine showstoppers worthy of your most precious photos. Your image is reproduced on premium photo paper, then laminated onto a slim aluminium composite panel. A shimmering gloss finish completes the look. The borderless, minimalist design of our aluminium prints are part of its overall aesthetic. We chose a no-frills approach to keep attention focused on the glowing colours and exquisite definition of the image. The print fits effortlessly into a modern, uncluttered design scheme.

Beautiful photo prints on metal

  • Print on top-grade photo paper
  • Luxury aluminium composite
  • Laminated for UV protection
  • Stunningly crisp image reproduction
  • Weight kept to a minimum

Photo as a Metal Print

  • Stunning image reproduction
  • Protective laminate & gloss finish
  • Light & slender aluminium panel

Metal Print – Beauty Backed by Strength
This premium wall art solution is printed on luxury photo paper, then laminated onto a state-of-the-art aluminium composite panel. Our metal photo prints are slim, elegant, and unbeatably resilient.

Maximum Performance - Minimum Weight
The core of each metal print is a brilliantly designed aluminium composite panel. A feather light black polyethylene core is enclosed between two slimline metal sheets. The final product is just 3mm thick, giving you a wall art classic that’s strong but graceful – and remarkably low in weight.

Print on Metal with Gloss Finish
Our aluminium print is sealed with a special laminate to protect the photo from both UV and humidity damage. This also gives the metal print a beautiful gloss finish, enhancing the photo with shimmering reflections and superb depth of field. The result has to be seen to be believed.

Walls Love Our Metal Prints
The aluminium print is a borderless design that arrives ready to display, with the silvery edges of the metal sheets left exposed for a hint of exclusive glamour. The innovative aluminium back frame stays hidden out of sight for the ultimate contemporary style statement.

How to hang aluminium frames:

Drilling holes through the metal composite panel (for nails, steel posts, etc) will mean compromising the flawless look of your image, no matter how clean your work is.

Recommended Method
If the photo you order is 60x30cm or smaller, we recommend using the hangar plate provided. For images larger than 60x30cm, we recommend using the aluminium back frame already installed on the back of your image. It provides  reassuring structural resilience. It's slim and discreet, staying tucked away out of sight when your print is on the wall leaving your beautiful print whole and unblemished.

Hangar Plate How-To

Step 1: Using fine sandpaper, rub the area at the back of your print where you want to attach the hanger plate. Then clean the area with a lint-free (e.g. microfibre) cloth dampened with metholated spirits. Leave to dry.

Step 2: Place the hanger plate (with anti-adhesive paper still attached) on the back of your print. Ensure it’s in the exact position you want, then trace out its outline.

Step 3: Remove the anti-adhesive paper from the hanger plate. Check the back of your print again for dirt, then press the hanger plate into position, evenly and firmly.

Step 4: Lay your print face down on a flat surface and leave it for 24 hours so that the adhesive can dry and harden.

Step 5: Stick the self-adhesive rubber bumpers to the back of your print in the bottom corners. These will hold the print at an even distance away from the wall to avoid scrape damage and give you that all-important “floating” look.

Step 6: Rest the ridge at the back of the plate on a screw or hook on the wall to complete the hanging of your photo.

Aluminium Back Frame How-To

The aluminium back frame will hold your print at a slight distance from the wall. The back frame itself stays hidden away, so the print seems to “float” without any noticeable support. The effect suits the stripped-back aesthetic of the metal print perfectly. The back frame consists of four bars forming a rectangle. Each bar has an open middle section, the lower edge of which functions as a robust lip that can be rested on screws etc.

Step 1: Your print will arrive with it already firmly attached at the back, ready to hang.

Step 2: Insert screws into the wall on a level. Make sure the screws aren’t wider apart than the open section of the upper bar of your back frame.​

Step 3: Rest the lip of the upper bar on the screw heads or on the hanging cleat.

Bonus benefit: The back frame works as an extra layer of resistance to temperature stress and other environmental factors – meaning the risk of your print starting to curve is reduced to virtually nil.


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