Ever come back from a trip to find you didn’t use a pile of clothes you took away? It’s a common occurrence for travellers to “over pack”, but when visiting Keswick Island, it’s better to “under pack!”

Here’s why for starters,

  • It’s best to keep your luggage size smaller and lighter so it’s easier to handle from the car, to the plane, to the boat, to the buggy etc.
  • Choose softer, smaller bags like backpacks and overnight bags instead of big, heavy, hard luggage you’d probably take overseas. This is so it will fit in the boat or plane’s limited space. (If you do come from overseas, you can leave some of your luggage at Island Air if coming by charter plane).
  • There are no shops, hotels or nightclubs on Keswick, so you can leave your formal gear at home.
  • It’s too hot to wear closed in shoes unless you bring joggers.
  • There’s really nowhere to wear stilettos… but it’s up to you!
  • Bring several pair of swimmers with you and light, summer clothes.
  • Count the number of days you’re staying and halve it for the number of outfits you’ll need.
  • Don’t forget a beach towel, sunscreen, hat and insect repellent — depending on where you’re staying.
  • If there’s something you really need that you forgot to bring, and it’s important, you might be able to borrow it off a resident 😉

The 4 Seasons Explained

  • The only time it gets cold on Keswick is in winter and that’s mainly at night. June can get down to around 10 degrees C, which is cold for us! Out come the uggies, shawls & jeans for a few weeks. The days are gorgeous and mild, usually with sunny weather.
  • Spring is hot and usually dry. Like a summer day anywhere else. Sarong and shorts/singlet top weather.
  • Summer is very hot and humid and often rains, depending on the trending weather patterns. We’re always in the water at this time of year.
  • Autumn has a bit of everything except the very hot weather. If you often feel the cold, try throwing in a light cardi or vest.

Be smart and check the weather and tides in advance before coming, especially if it’s cyclone season. All the houses on Keswick Island are built to cyclone standards.