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Keswick Island artists to benefit from $5,656 in Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) Green Arts grant for an ephemeral arts trail opening in July 2022.

Ten local artists will share more than $5,000 in RADF grants from Mackay City Council this year. The highly anticipated community project is for the concept development of an ephemeral arts trail on Keswick Island to be opened in late July 2022 as a fringe event in the Mackay Festival of Arts.

The 1km arts trail walk between the Keswick Kiosk and Basil Bay will include ~7 artistic creations made by Keswickians utilising recycled rubbish from beach clean-ups. The artists will be using the native flora, fauna, and landscapes that Keswick Island has in abundance as inspiration.

The Project Coordinator is local author Eva Browne-Paterson with the expertise of the Arts Director; renowned local artist Lesley Kane. Glenda Hobdell; a passionate Arts Educator and practicing artist with extensive experience, has been appointed as a mentor for the project.

“This is the first community initiative that will bring together existing and emerging artists to engage in solo and collaborative projects for artistic, social and economic benefit to the individuals and the broader community. It will provide public value and create community pride while highlighting our locality’s unique identity and biodiversity, and strengthen our relationship with the surrounding environment of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park,” said Lesley Kane.

The RADF Program, established in 1991, is a highly successful state and local government partnership that supports professional artists and arts practitioners living in regional Queensland.

The RADF Committee said, “We feel it is an exciting concept with great potential to develop local skills and attract visitors to Keswick Island.”

For more information, please contact Eva Browne-Paterson at or 0409 499 247.



Eva Browne-Paterson, $5656 for concept development and planning stage of the ephemeral Keswick Island arts trail.