We’re really excited to announce the return of Horizon Airways to Keswick Island! After waiting 2.5 years without a fixed-wing charter plane service, the return was celebrated by residents.

Trish Mahlberg sold the airline in early 2021 and the new owners have negotiated with the new GDV management to offer a competitive service. The Chief Pilot & Head of Operations is Matthew Munns.

Currently, there is a Cessna 172 servicing Keswick Island that carries up to 3 passengers. The freight limit is 10kg/pp. The charter cost is $600 one way, or $310 return with passengers on both legs. The scenic flight takes approximately 12 minutes and is a brilliant opportunity for taking stunning photographs.

Residents are hopeful that a larger single engine plane with a pod might become available in the future to enable freight transfers from Mackay.

One local resident said, “We used to have a regular freight flight on a 206 with a pod every fortnight that we could use for food and drinks. It was very handy and affordable for all of us. I’d like to see that reinstated.”

Horizon Airways responded, “We are certainly on the lookout for aircraft similar to that which you described, however they are extremely difficult to come by at this time.”

The on-demand service operates seven days a week and will be a welcome transfer option for residents and visitors alike.

Bookings can be made direct by emailing Horizon at reception@horizonairways.com or by calling (07) 4957 2446.